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Happy as a Clam


"Stephanie is absolutely amazing to work with, and did a fantastic job with my Rottweiler Gnarley. When he was a puppy he had some resource guarding issues, as well as some 'stubborn' issues. He had a mind of his own, but Stephanie was very patient with him, and I can't believe how well he responded to her while they worked together. Not only was watching them together a great experience, but Stephanie has a fantastic way of explaining everything as she does it, so you can understand what is happening. Gnarley is now 4 years old and his resource guarding issues are a thing of the past. His obedience is also solid, due to the strong roots planted when he was a puppy. With her guidance and support we were given all the tools we needed to be confident in Gnarley's progress for years to come. I would (and do) highly recommend her to anyone looking for training - basic, advanced, or behavioral!"

Rebecca D. and Gnarley


"Stephanie has worked with both of our dogs, and each experience has been a pleasure. I appreciate that she takes the time to get to know the dog’s personality and figure out what drives him/her so she’s able to come up with a personalized plan based on his/her behaviors and our needs as dog owners. With our second dog, I told my husband I was at wits end with his reactivity on a leash and that we were going to ask Stephanie to come work with him. With just one consultation and one lesson, I already see him responding to her methods and am so much more confident in what we need to be doing to work with him. Apollo and Rocky rate her 12/10 - Best dog trainer/treat lady around ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Allie G. and Apollo & Rocky


"Stephanie is fantastic with any dog! She trained our Shorkie, Freddy (who, honestly, was a jerk) with ease and made him an acceptable member of our household. I highly recommend her!!"

Lora K. and Freddy

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